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Does Time Still Fly When You're Grumpy?

How is it that time can feel like it's stood still for months yet suddenly you find yourself at Feb 23rd without much to show for it? I have literally no idea - literally.

Last time I updated I was full of enthusiasm for everything that was to come, but I seem to have dropped into the doldrums, the glums, a rut - whatever you want to call it we can safely say I've not been happy. I've located some darkness in my soul that needs a bit of attention and maybe an airing! So I'm going to write it out of me!!! But don't worry - I'm not going to write it here (unless it becomes a thing of beauty!?!) I just know how helpful writing your deepest troubles and darkest thoughts can be. To see them on a page somehow sets everything in a different light. It doesn't necessarily 'fix' things, but it sure does help!

Something that's really helping this week is being on a course!! Oh yes! My fave thing to do! It's called 'Comedy Crash Course' and is run by the amazing folks at Funny Women (check them out - they're awesome: and on Friday I'll be doing a little turn at a showcase. I've decided to explore a character called Susan who happens to have cropped up in two separate stand-up sets I've written and performed, so I thought she might need bringing out a bit. I love exploring people and characters so fingers crossed she'll make a few people laugh.

Speaking of people and characters, I'm super excited as Dave (my fella who's a postman and all round funny man) and I have almost finished the scripts for the first series (there could be hundreds in us - seriously) of our audio comedy. So once it's had it's last bit of spit and polish we can get on with recording it and then I can start the steep hill of editing and then - maybe just maybe - we'll get it out there as a podcast! Ooooh! Between us Dave and I voice all the characters and it's super challenging (why do I say super so much? It really REALLY annoys me. But for the sake of erm - something - I'm going to leave it in there...) but we LOVE creating ridiculous people and ridiculous voices for them! Oooh! It's right good fun!

Well, I'd better go and have some tea - but can I just say that writing this wee bit of fluff has lifted my spirits quite a bit - so I should probs keep writing stuff on here! It cheers my soul!

Let's have a Shakespearean insult to finish with shall we??


Make of that what you will...

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