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How do you define 'a catchy title'?

I only ask this because every time I write a blog post I am instructed to add a 'catchy title'. Now I don't know about you, but whenever I'm asked to think of something specific - like a catchy title, an interesting fact or an unusual method of adding the bubbles to carbonated water - I spend hours trying to think of what might best serve this purpose rather than actually doing what I should be doing. Point of fact - I am a procrastinator.

So with this in mind - for once I'm going to get STRAIGHT to the point. But 'what is the point?' I hear you ask... Well - I'm here to tell you what I'm up to work-wise UP TO THE MINUTE. And if I'm honest recently it's been quite dull and unproductive.

Here's a bit of what the Oxford English Dictionary says about the word 'unproductive'

Without construction. That does not produce anything; esp. that fails to produce or achieve anything useful; ineffectual, useless.

Recently I've been attempting to book completely FREE workshops into schools on behalf of the lovely Bonanza Creative. However it seems however hard I try to give something fabulous away, these schools just don't want it. I have no idea why, but I guess I'm learning that I'm not a saleswoman. In fact, I'm so bad at sales that I can't even sell free stuff folks! I've even managed to get my email address blocked and labelled as SPAM twice in the last two weeks. And now all my emails go to recipients' junk folders. So this renders my efforts - however rubbish - completely pointless! I'll keep plodding on with it, but if I was in charge at Bonanza I'd be having a good think about using me for this kind of work in the future. You've been told.

BUT I do have a few other things on the agenda. I'm working on a new character - Anna Nouncer - a fantastic newsreader who brings essential information to the masses about really important things like the dangers of bananas, daily 'noticings' and how to avoid being involved in a helicopter crash. She's pretty cool and likes lip gloss.

I'm also making trousers for the stilt performers in Fat Cat Brass - an awesome stilt and ground based brass street band. I've done a few bits of costume and kit jobs for them in the past and it's ace that they keep coming back to me!

Handmade Parade have also been in touch about an upcoming parade in Knowsley near Liverpool that needs costumes for 15 dancers making so that should be fun too!

I also continue to work for Skylight Circus Arts in Rochdale - one of my fave ever companies who deliver circus skills within the community. I've been working on our most recent block of 'Side by Side' sessions which I've worked on for several years now and are for children who may be suffering with anxiety and their families to learn and play together. I've also been delivering on 'Circus Wow' for children and young people with additional needs and a very special project working with young refugees who have found their way to Rochdale after experiencing horrific circumstances in their own countries and now face life without family in a strange place. It's an absolute privilege to work on all 3 of these projects and for Skylight - a company that will always hold a special piece of my heart.

I'm also WELL into the recording of 'The Very Terrible Adventures of Papoose' - the irreverent comedy podcast that I've spent many hours writing with my fella - aka Dave the postman. It's so much fun getting into the sound booth that I spent so much time on putting together, and getting down to the long - but amazing - process of editing the material. We're pretty pleased with it so far, so watch this space for when we finally release it!

So that's where I'm at right now. See I told you this would be UP TO THE MINUTE. I'm off to bed now. And then tomorrow I'm going to get up, fail at 'selling' free stuff, have a life and career crisis (a daily endeavour) look out of the window, try doing some colouring-in to calm me down, stroke the cats, watch half an episode of Bargain Hunt (just the bit from where they go to the auction) and then maybe stare into space a bit... Also, I'll probably touch my face in an overly vigorous fashion. Wish me luck!

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