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Busting Podcasts

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Well - here we are in another brand spanking new week. Isn't that lovely? In fact the sun is shining, and last night's full moon made me feel like the sun was shining all night! On my face. Through the skylight. Thankyou beautiful moon.

Actually a lack of sleep last night is an ok thing. I've not got much on in terms of "being places and doing things that if I don't do them I'll get into a right lot of bother" type stuff this week. Yesterday was nice - I had a meeting at one of my fave companies - Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge - to sort out what type of costume I might force some willing local dancers to wear for the upcoming Lamplighter event in Todmorden on Feb 12th. It was a great meeting full of gossip, searching through boxes, finding gross mouse nests, washing hands and coming up with crazy ideas. In fact - by the time I left the workshop a great idea had formed in my head which incorporates two of my fave things - silly dancing and sound editing. Watch this space for more on THAT exciting combo! In the afternoon I went to another of my fave companies - Skylight Circus in Rochdale - to do a bit of admin for a class that I co-teach on a Saturday morning. It's very important to market a session/ring round to see if people want a place because if you don't, no one will come and then you'll be out of a job. I've learnt this and much more in my many years as a community artist. Insert biceps emoji.

So the rest of the week looks like this:

  • Continued editing of upcoming super-smash-hit podcast "Ghosting Busters" - an epic discussion series on the ins and outs of dating apps including many a failed date.

  • Website design - still getting to grips with how the Wix platform works having been on Moonfruit for many years. Last year Wix/Yell merged Moonfruit into the fold and really slickly transferred my websites over, but when I've gone in to edit it's just a bit glitchy because of the different systems. So I'm taking this opportunity to get them refreshed and lovely ready for Spring. 'Why Spring?' I hear you cry. 'I don't know' is my answer.

  • Writing. I. Really. Must. Write. I've got 2 sitcoms, 2 novels (one I'm co-writing,) 1 hilarious comedy podcast and any number of comedy musings that are in progress. And do I ever get round to any significant work on them? Occasionally. So by writing this blog I'm making myself put this out there so that I've got no excuse not to do it.

  • Coming up with ridiculous ideas.

  • Cuddling the cats.

  • Applying worm/flea treatment to the cats.

  • Applying savlon to my wounds.

So - until next time when I can let you know if I've actually done any of this and can tell you what I plan to get done during the week. And this blog will just go on like that. Ad infinitum really...

Today's Shakespearean Insult: Thou naughty, muddy-mettled pig-nut! Which basically means that you're a wicked, dull-spirited, earth nut. Apparently an earth nut is an edible tuberous root. So there.

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