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And today's Shakespearean insult is....

It's January 10th 2022 and I've finally got up off my arse and managed to ACHIEVE something on the work front. That's right - I've chosen a Shakespearean insult and written it down in my diary. A paper diary no less. The intention with this is to randomly generate* a Shakespearean insult every day in 2022, write them all down and then cleverly weave together some kind of incredible story utilising the best of them at the end of the year. "That's a lot of faff just to write a story" I hear you cry! And you'd be right. But that's just the way I roll folks!

So I'll keep you posted on THAT. I'll also be using this blog on a weekly basis to document what I'm up to - just in case you're interested. This week it's mostly generating those insults and carefully writing them into my paper diary. Busy busy busy...

*I have ways and means...

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