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Gil loves to write and is currently working on several projects, both solo and as part of a team. Working on so many projects at once means that sometimes there can be a slight gap in productivity, however, Gil finds that this helps her to develop characters and ideas to a deeper degree as time goes on and other influences seep into her work.

Current work includes two sit-coms. The first is a radio sit-com based in the dressing room of an amateur theatre group in the North of the UK. The second is based in a touring circus in 1955, which she describes as 'Hi-de-hi meets Peaky Blinders' - so make of that what you will! 

Getting a sit-com commissioned isn't a task for the faint of heart, so Gil takes it slowly and gathers advice from various mentors and teachers as she goes.

The passion for writing doesn't end there. Gil loves to write as part of a team and is currently working on two co-written pieces - an adventure novel featuring a team of cryptozoologists with her long-time colleague, best buddy and partner in crime Kei Bailey and an audio comedy with her 'life partner' (aka boyfriend) Dave Routledge. This will be released as a podcast later in 2023, so watch this space!

Finally, Gil is still working on her novel. It's been partly written for years and it may well remain that way, however she loves hanging out with the characters in her head and dreaming what might happen in the adventures of 'M. Badness Ltd' - and you never know, one day she might get round to actually finishing it!

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