Gil Burns Community Dance

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Mass Choreography

Gil doesn't always work on a small scale - in fact she's quite a fan of making things massive! Between 2007 and 2014 she choreographed an annual summer musical at venues for The Ambassador's Theatre Group - Liverpool Empire and Grimsby Auditorium. But these casts of young people were not any ordinary cast. Alongside being superbly talented there were usually between 90 and 150 cast members in each show. As you can imagine this posed many challenges - imagine the gangs in West Side Story at that size!


But this simply wasn't big enough. In 2013 Gil was lucky to be selected as part of the choreographic team for the community dance project running alongside the Rugby League World Cup - under the leadership of Jeanefer Jean-Charles. This involved working on the community choreography for the opening ceremony at the Milennium Stadium in Cardiff, and then bringing this choreography to community groups in Greater Manchester, Wigan and Leigh - who then went on to perform at Leigh, Salford and Old Trafford stadiums.


Gil has also been involved with other mass choreographic projects including 'The Moment When' with Cheshire Dance and Walk the Plank - part of the Olympic Torch relay in 2012, Mass flashmobs in Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and Bradford, and huge parades such as Manchester Day Parade - again working under the leadership of Jeanefer Jean-Charles and later Ruth Jones.

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