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Gil is a highly experienced community dance artist having worked for over 18 years in the field.


Her experience includes working with older people, from the active over 60s to frail elderly and those living with Dementia, the life changes brought about by stroke, and Parkinson's. She has also worked extensively with family groups as well as parents and tots and very early years (0 - 3), and has specialised for many years in working with both adults and children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and additional needs.


As the Master test for her MA in choreography, Gil extensively studied and investigated the art of choreographing non-trained dancers in both professional and community contexts. She continues to specialise in choreographing performers who are not trained or confident in dance.

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Parades and Flashmobs

Through her work with Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade and Walk the Plank for Manchester Day Parade she has made parade choreography and performance a specialism. Whether it be playing with a percussion band, performing with giant puppets or choreographing and animating community groups, Gil has performed in many parades from Basingstoke to Burnley, Hebden Bridge to Hamburg and Manchester to Merseryside!


Since March 2015 Gil has specialised in creating simple choreography for flashmobs - designed for community members to learn in one two hour session. She has also delivered the choreography for two performances of 'Break the Chain' - a dance flashmob campaign  to promote awareness of violence against women and girls.